Readings, Reviews, and other Press


Amy Wright in lab with insect specimens.jpg

"Reading Everything in the Universe is like walking through a natural history museum exhibit curated by Andy Warhol," writes Nicole Sheets in the Kenyon Review.

"Yam Weevil" is featured on Verse Daily.

"Scarab" is the featured poem on Poetry Daily.

"If the renowned naturalist and entomologist E.O. Wilson were an eco-poet, he might be Amy Wright, lyrically describing insects as if they were the rarest of jewels, displaying encyclopedic knowledge of the exoskeletal world in the poems of Everything in the Universe," says Kathleen Brewin Lewis in her review in Still Journal  

"Creeks of the Upper South is a remarkable collection," says Daniel Cross Turner in an interview with me and co-author William Wright on StorySouth.

Interviewer Eric LeMay calls Cracker Sonnets "powerful, moving, and often times hilarious" on the New Books Network.

Interviewed on Poetry Radio KKUP by Rachelle Escamilla, archived on SoundCloud.

Red Paint Hill features an interview about my recent books and honor serving as David Baker's fellow in the first Kenyon Review Nature Writing Workshop.

Wherever the Land Is featured in a Paragraph of the Week on The Humble Essayist.

Austin Peay State University released an article celebrating my recent publications.

 East Side Storytellin' 41 is archived in case you missed the live event hosted by the Nashville Bookstore East Side Story, featuring music by Sara Marie Thompson, featuring Ian Ferguson and Becca Mancari.