I eat bugs—including grasshoppers, cicadas, mealworms, beetles, and pictured here, crickets, in the form of Chirps Chips. Also, I write. My most recent release is Think I’ll Go Eat A Worm.


Everything in the Universe

Firefly fossil, / entombed in sap stone, light gobbled by a centuries-old setting / of trapped-air pearls

Think I’ll Go Eat a Worm

The taste…conjures a flake of rainbow trout or butter bean that melts like an ice sliver away from its skin, disappearing faster than a crystal on a sorbet spoon.

Cracker Sonnets

What it means to have a woman's body, / Virginia Leabus tells her daughter, "is to stand at the mouth of the cave / and be the cave. Bats flying out of it like hearts."