Poems from Everything in the Universe have appeared in a number of journals, including Kenyon Review, The Volta, The Account, Calyx, and the Southern Poetry Anthology, volume VI. 

We are older than the devil,

youngsters, older than sand spun

into glass to which you compare us.

Older than your oldest word...

from "Old Glassy Speaks Her Peace"


Poems from Cracker Sonnets have appeared previously in Quarterly West, Bluestem, and Hard Lines: Rough South Poetry anthology. Read some of the true stories this cast of characters was based on and add your own to my list of  Holy Mackerels.

Regional typecasts

skinny-dipping snapping turtles’

gene pool, tongues twisted

around eye teeth so they can’t see

what they’re saying.

—from "Blood Bath Baby"



Creeks of the Upper South was co-authored with William Wright. The book is also a collaboration between Jacar Press and Unicorn Press

Poems from this collection first appeared in and Appalachian Heritage, among other journals.

an exception

-al waterbody.

mouths open wide enough to drink it

with their upset

—from  "MRDL"